Stucco Restoration

If you’ve ever seen pictures of old New Orleans homes, you know how beautiful and durable stucco can be. Areas of damaged stucco must first be inspected to determine whether or not it needs repairs. Areas that have completely fallen down or have come apart should be repaired with an entire renovation process of putting in new construction paper and metal lath with at least three coats of special stucco restoration paint, removing loose stucco material from all sides, replacing all damaged areas with stucco, and adding three coats of special stucco repair mixture.

Although many different materials can be used for repairing stucco, the most common are wood veneers and metal laminates. Wood veneers are the best option if the area being repaired needs to match the original look of the original stucco but can sometimes become loose over time and need to be replaced. Metal laminates are the cheapest but are not as weatherproof as veneers. If your area is in need of repairs, it is best to use a combination of stucco restoration paint and stucco.

It is important to note that damage to the stucco does not have to be permanent. Sometimes, small damages in stucco can be covered by a sealant and painted over. This is why it is so important to make sure you know what is actually damaged. Once the damage is found, the restoration process begins. While there are several different types of repair products available, it is generally recommended to use the stucco restoration product with the most water resistance.

There are two types of repair products available. The first is a specialized paint, which can be purchased to match the color of the original stucco and which is applied to the entire area to be repaired, rather than being used to repair individual areas. It is then allowed to dry, curing and harden.

The other type of special stucco restoration product is the resin coating. This product is applied to the area to be repaired and allowed to cure. As it hardens, it is allowed to mold to form into the desired shape. This is used when the area is completely restored to its previous condition.

The most important part of a repair to stucco is that the entire area must be completely cleaned out, and that it must be sealed and repainted, before any stucco is reapplied. The resin coating should be allowed to dry for at least six hours before stucco is reapplied.